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What Makes a Model

Get a live “behind the scenes” view of our newest RMS Models with Mohsen Rahnama.

Mohsen Rahnama, PhD is the senior executive for RMS models and data products, as well as the Chief Risk Modeling Officer. He leads the global team of scientists, engineers, and product managers responsible for the development and delivery of all RMS catastrophe models and data. He has been at the forefront of developing the risk modeling industry since its inception and has pioneered new modeling approaches for nearly 30 years, including the innovations that have resulted in our latest high-definition (HD) models released this year.

In each of these webinars, we will share our observations about peril risks for a specific geography, then discuss how we build our top-level view of risk considering the main risk drivers, and, finally, how RMS works with our customers to decide what needs to be covered within any model.   

RMS models are a unique intersection of technology, science, and market insights. These webinars are a special invitation to hear Mohsen and members of his team speak in depth about how our models are made and how your business can make better risk decisions and outperform with them.


Japan Typhoon and Earthquake

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Europe Flood and Severe Convective Storm

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North America Wildfire and Flood

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