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Insight for Underwriting

RMS data solutions ensure you have the cat information exactly where it’s needed, with minimal technical overhead or latency.


Take advantage of accurate data at unprecedented resolution, for every major peril and geography.


Apply the same insights to analytics across underwriting, capital management, and reinsurance purchasing for full consistency.

Speed to Insight

Make cat risk assessments without the latency of a cat model run to enable real-time underwriting insight and faster decision-making.

The Value of Data

Data products for each stage of the pre-bind underwriting process 

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Categories of Data Products and the Value of Their Insights


Where is the risk located?

Exposure Data

What are its key attributes?


Does this submission comply with my risk appetite?

Risk Scores

Which are my best submissions?

Loss Costs

Is premium adequate to cover the risk?

Value of insight

Consistent Insights

RMS Data provides unique, differentiated insight to the world’s largest portfolios. Now, you can leverage the same insights across your entire book of business. 


Use precise location information to improve accuracy and relevance of analysis. RMS Geocoder is purpose-built for insurance applications.



Accurate exposure data can prevent mispricing and adverse risk selection before it happens.



A hazard is a condition, circumstance, or situation that makes a loss more likely to be suffered. Deep hazard insight drives better underwriting results.


Risk Score

Simplify interpretation of complex, big data catastrophe simulation with the RMS RiskScore.

Risk Score

Loss Costs

Uncover the true cost of insuring a risk and avoid miscalculations with RMS Loss Cost data.

Loss Costs

Location Intelligence API

RMS Location Intelligence API brings the industry’s most trusted cat analytics directly to the point of underwriting, with a simple call.

Location Intelligence


Assess a location’s risk to multiple perils and key third-party insights in seconds with this application.



Chris Sams
Purpose-built Geocoding Data

Chris Sams, Senior Product Manager, discusses the importance of purpose-built geocoding data.

Oliver Smith
Quality Data at Speed

Oliver Smith, Senior Product Manager, discusses the importance of quality data at speed.

Map with pinned location
Exposure Magazine
Location, Location, Location: A New Era in Data Resolution

The insurance industry has reached a transformational point in its ability to accurately understand the details of exposure at risk. It is the point at which three fundamental components of exposure management are coming together to enable (re)insurers to systematically quantify risk at the location level: the availability of high-resolution location data, access to the technology to capture that data and advances in modeling capabilities to use that data. …

The data difference
Exposure Magazine
The Data Difference

The value of data as a driver of business decisions has grown exponentially as the importance of generating sustainable underwriting profit becomes the primary focus for companies in response to recent diminished investment yields. Increased risk selection scrutiny is more important than ever to maintain underwriting margins. High-caliber, insightful risk data is critical for the data analytics that support each risk decision The insurance industry is in a…

Trepp Integration of RMS environmental risk score data
Trepp Announces RMS Integration to Give CMBS Investors Access to Environmental Risk Measures

The Trepp integration of RMS solutions provides an environmental risk score for properties backing commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) loans.

Collapsed overpass on Highway 10 after Northridge Earthquake
New Strategies Needed to Manage Mortgage Default Risk from Natural Catastrophes

In the early hours of January 17, 1994, a Mw6.7 earthquake struck northwestern Los Angeles, causing 57 fatalities and up to US$40 billion of direct damage. The Northridge event changed the insurance landscape dramatically. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the industry ended up paying out more in claims for Northridge than it had collected in earthquake premiums over the preceding 30 years. Insurers started limiting their earthquake exposure,…

Data You Need Infographic
Data You Need, When You Need It

Data Ready to Consume in the Most Relevant Format for You

RMS Data for Underwriting

Carriers want to write better risks, reduce underwriting frictional expense, and build consistency within their portfolios. RMS® Data for Underwriting is  a rapidly expanding suite of data delivered instantly at the point of underwriting.

RMS Data Solutions
Press Release
New RMS Data Solutions Deliver Real-Time, Site-Specific Insights To Enable Competitive Risk Selection And Profitable Underwriting

NEWARK, Calif. - June 28, 2019  RMS, a leading global risk modeling and analytics firm, announced the availability of two transformative data solutions hosted on RMS Risk Intelligence (RI), its strategic risk platform. Expanding on its suite of strategic risk products, these solutions employ sophisticated RMS models and rich data layers built into the RMS platform. With growing pressure to make critical underwriting decisions quickly, speed and precision is…

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