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Insight for Underwriting

Moody's RMS data solutions ensure you have the cat information exactly where it’s needed, with minimal technical overhead or latency.


Take advantage of accurate data at unprecedented resolution, for every major peril and geography.


Apply the same insights to analytics across underwriting, capital management, and reinsurance purchasing for full consistency.

Speed to Insight

Make cat risk assessments without the latency of a cat model run to enable real-time underwriting insight and faster decision-making.

What is Possible? Rethinking How You Analyze Risk

The insurance industry deploys some of the world’s most sophisticated risk modeling. Insurance carriers use detailed, probabilistic risk modeling at the top-line portfolio level. However, high-volume underwriting may not always be able to benefit from the same elaborate risk models. Is it possible for insurance carriers to incorporate the best data to screen each risk — at speed and rigor — for superior underwriting results?

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The Value of Data

Data products for each stage of the pre-bind underwriting process 

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Categories of Data Products and the Value of Their Insights


Where is the risk located?

Exposure Data

What are its key attributes?


Does this submission comply with my risk appetite?

Risk Scores

Which are my best submissions?

Loss Costs

Is premium adequate to cover the risk?

Value of insight

Consistent Insights

Moody's RMS Data provides unique, differentiated insight to the world’s largest portfolios. Now, you can leverage the same insights across your entire book of business. 


Use precise location information to improve accuracy and relevance of analysis. Moody's RMS Geocoder is purpose-built for insurance applications.



Accurate exposure data can prevent mispricing and adverse risk selection before it happens.



A hazard is a condition, circumstance, or situation that makes a loss more likely to be suffered. Deep hazard insight drives better underwriting results.


Risk Score

Simplify interpretation of complex, big data catastrophe simulation with the Moody's RMS RiskScore.

Risk Score

Loss Costs

Uncover the true cost of insuring a risk and avoid miscalculations with Moody's RMS Loss Cost data.

Loss Costs

Location Intelligence API

Moody's RMS Location Intelligence API brings the industry’s most trusted cat analytics directly to the point of underwriting, with a simple call.

Location Intelligence


Assess a location’s risk to multiple perils and key third-party insights in seconds with this application.

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