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Analytical Services Overview

Whether you are a start-up looking to build analytics capabilities or a global organization expanding your business, our RMS Analytical Services team with over 350 analysts can add a whole new dimension to your operations.

Speed to Market

Automated workflows and a large resource pool offer you the ability to operationalize your business faster without having to invest significant sums in building the capability.

Process Efficiency

Through economies of scale and the latest in automation technology, you can establish faster and more integrated underwriting processes.

Operating Flexibility

Provides scalability to increase (or even decrease) modelling capacity and multiple engagement options based on the business needs.


RMS Analytical Services provides expertise in identifying, quantifying, reporting, and managing catastrophe risk from point of underwriting to portfolio-level analysis, along with regulatory reporting and bespoke analytics.

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Exposure Data Enrichment

Exposure data is standardized, enhanced, and validated to the highest quality for inclusion in policy  administration systems, risk model analysis, and portfolio modeling and management. With over a decade of experience, our analysts enhance data quality to ensure a more accurate risk assessment, and the scale of operation enables them to deliver faster turnarounds.

Account and Cedant Modeling

Comprehensive account and cedant modeling service for a superior risk selection that includes expert policy financial interpretation and application, model analyses with defined peril-region configurations, and customized exposure and loss reporting.

Portfolio Modeling

Live book of business is prepared from the bound accounts and analyzed to provide an in-depth view into the portfolio to help manage your cat capacity and accumulation. You can leverage the latest RMS models with customized risk assessment reports and expert insights through portfolio modelling.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory and management reporting solutions are provided through a dedicated team of analysts with experience across market geographies and jurisdictions, including A.M. Best Supplemental Rating Questionnaire (SRQ), Lloyd’s Realistic Disaster Scenarios (RDS), GAREAT, TRIPRA, PRA, BMA and more.

Bespoke Analytics

A variety of value-added analyses on live book is provided for enhanced decision-making. You can customize their view of risk through sensitivity analyses to understand impact of varying parameters on model output, assess the potential loss from an event in real time, undertake large loss assessments and much more.

Underwriting Operations

Policy documents are interpreted, and relevant information captured in your underwriting platform. Our scalable process can update hundreds of fields for each risk across multiple business lines, freeing up significant bandwidth of underwriters. These services encompass premium and claim reconciliation in addition to policy administration and endorsement capture.

Over 15 Years

as a trusted catastrophe modeling partner

More Than 100

(re)insurer, broker, state trust, and MGA clients globally

Over 350

catastrophe modeling and underwriting analysts

Engagement Models

Subscription Services

An annual or multiyear contract with a defined volume commitment, where a dedicated team of analysts support your underwriting and exposure management teams. 


Ideal for capacity expansion or outsourcing of exposure management and underwriting operations with a long medium to long term view.

On-Demand Services

A one-time project to support your specific needs. It can also be structured as a set of bank-hours that you can utilize to receive on-demand services for ad hoc work during the contract period.


Ideal for one-off requirement to evaluate new or non-licensed models, a new line of business or portfolio, a large exposure or expand capacity during peak periods.

Analyst Down the Hall

Deploy in your team experienced catastrophe modeling analysts with deep (re)insurance knowledge spanning across lines of business, regions, and perils.


Ideal for expanding capacity during peak periods or providing support on day-to-day activities during the absence of a key staff member.



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Case Study
A Granular Understanding of Linear Risks Through Detailed Exposure Segmentation

How RMS Analytical Services enabled a Lloyd’s-based insurer to zero in on the many exposures contained in a rail-network submission, to support more accurate pricing and risk syndication.

Solar Farm
Case Study
Applying Specialized Risk Treatment to a Solar Farm

How RMS Analytical Services enabled a broker to generate a more accurate and complete view of risk for a large-scale solar power plant, leading to a 230 percent change in flood loss estimate.

cloudy skyline
Case Study
Enhanced View of Risk Through Data Validation and Enrichment

How RMS Analytical Services conducted an extensive data enrichment process for leading global MGA

RMS Analytical Services

Learn how you can extend your catastrophe modeling team with RMS Analytical Services.

RMS Data for Underwriting

Carriers want to write better risks, reduce underwriting frictional expense, and build consistency within their portfolios. RMS® Data for Underwriting is  a rapidly expanding suite of data delivered instantly at the point of underwriting.

Analytical Services

Beat capacity constraints and boost productivity with RMS Analytical Services.

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