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Unify Risk Analytics across Your Modeling Solutions

When risk analytics are managed independently – without considering the interdependencies or correlations between models, perils, and lines of business – building a comprehensive view of risk quickly becomes a daunting challenge. A single, unified platform to manage your Moody's RMS, third-party vendor, and homegrown models provides tremendous value to  (re)insurance firms of all sizes and lines of business.

Focus on the Art and Science of Risk

Craft your own view of risk by analyzing, blending, and grouping results from over 700 models from multiple vendors.

Improve your Return on Risk

Decrease long-term IT expenditures while improving business agility by consolidating your modeling systems.

Transact More Efficiently with Risk

Expand access to the reinsurance marketplace by effortlessly transforming exposure and results data into a standardized currency.


Enhancing the Intelligent Risk Platform with Third-Party Modeling

At Exceedance® 2023 in New York, we announced that customers will be able to use the Moody’s RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™ applications such as Risk Modeler™, UnderwriteIQ™, and TreatyIQ™ for unified execution of Moody's RMS models, third-party models running on the Nasdaq modeling service based on the Oasis Loss Modeling Framework (LMF), and other custom models and modeling engines.

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Hear from Our Partners

The Intelligent Risk Platform offers multiple deployment options to preserve the independence of more than 15 model vendors who utilize the Oasis modeling frame. Our partners are just as excited as we are to deliver a better modeling experience and to free up time for risk professionals to focus on cultivating risk insights instead of managing multiple modeling systems.

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Why Third-Party Modeling on the Intelligent Risk Platform

Modeling on the Intelligent Risk Platform delivers benefits that no other technology provider can offer. Built on a cloud-native platform, customers choose to partner with Moody's RMS because we deliver a more unified experience for their organization.

Seamless Data Reconciliation

Automate reconciliation of Oasis exposure and results data into the exposure data module (EDM) and results data module (RDM) formatting, making it easier to transfer and trade risk in the insurance marketplace.

Greater Modeling Flexibility

Blend and group Moody's RMS, Oasis, or your own models in Risk Modeler to apply corporate view of risk across insights and hedge against model risk.

Superior Total Cost of Ownership

Run all your models on Risk Modeler to achieve a superior total cost of ownership as compared to managing and maintaining multiple on-premises deployments.

Robust Application Ecosystem

Analyze results from your own, Moody’s RMS, or Oasis models in our persona-based IQ applications tailored to the unique needs of underwriting, portfolio management, and treaty management.


Asking the Right Questions

With the increased frequency and severity of catastrophe events, it has never been more challenging to achieve meaningful growth. Risk continues to grow in complexity, leaving insurers struggling to select the right technology to price risks more effectively, build a more diversified portfolio, and underwrite more business without compromising guidelines. Moody’s RMS third-party modeling offers the ability to dive deeper into the drivers of risk in Risk Modeler and our robust ecosystem of applications. Check out our buyer's guides help you ask the tough questions to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your technology.

Cloud Risk Analytics

Realize the full value of your data, generate new insights, and reduce risk volatility with advanced analytics.

Catastrophe Modeling

Improve risk selection, pricing, portfolio steering, and transfer with robust catastrophe modeling software.

Exposure Management

Proactively manage risk across your entire organization without the need for maintaining multiple tools.

Treaty Analysis

Equip underwriters with flexible program structuring and analytics along with up-to-date portfolio monitoring for improved risk structuring and selection.

Underwriting Analytics

Improve underwriting decision-making for cat-exposed business with an easy-to-use and highly configurable SaaS application.

Collaborative Applications Across the Insurance Lifecycle

Built on the Intelligent Risk Platform, our powerful, open cloud-native applications are designed for multiple users to help them gain insights into potential hazards, exposures, and accumulations. Shared geocoding and financial engines, consistent modeling, and common exposure data are just a few innovations to help you to build a unified view of risk and improve decision-making.  

Risk Modeler
Risk Modeler

Leverage structure-based modeling and analytical tools, including intelligent model processing and big data query capabilities.


Manage your entire book of business more efficiently and accurately than ever before with this purpose-built solution for analyzing exposure concentrations.


Assess a location’s risk to multiple perils in seconds with this application grounded in third-party insights.


Automate underwriting workflows and analytics, at scale.

Risk Data Open Standard
Risk Data Open Standard

Drive value and innovation from this new open standard, a modern data schema for risk analytics.


Achieve your target portfolio by utilizing the advanced, customizable pricing and portfolio roll-up analytics direct to the property catastrophe underwriter.


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