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Increase Exposure Accuracy

Exposure data plays a key role in business decisions at the location, account, and portfolio level. In cat perils such as flood, wildfire, and terrorism, seemingly small differences in exposure detail can result in large differences in modeled loss. Remaining competitive in today’s market does not allow for exposure data inaccuracies. RMS offers solutions to verify every submission.


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Validate Data with a Trusted Source

It’s important to trust property attributes are accurate, accessible, and fit for the purpose. The RMS ExposureSource Database (ESDB) records are validated with more than 300 heuristics to ensure data accuracy. Multiple source datasets are merged together to check for agreement and a dedicated team continually makes improvements.

Benchmark Building Valuations

RMS provides estimates of replacement cost structure value with upper and lower bounds, enabling you to detect possible under-insurance, identify data quality issues, and ensure appropriate policy coverage.

Enhance Automated Quoting

When it comes to automated quoting, oftentimes the insured does not have knowledge of building characteristics. The RMS ExposureSource Database (ESDB) provides insurers with the ability to fill in incomplete data, correct inaccurate entries, and enhance submissions in their risk management workflows.

Reduce Uncertainty with Reliable Data

Putting more and better attributes into a risk model leads to high confidence in results with lower uncertainty. Complete data on every location enables the usage of advanced, high-value secondary modifiers, such as cladding, roofing, and foundation details. With the RMS ExposureSource Database, you can raise the bar on your modeling and risk selection efforts.

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RMS Data for Underwriting

Carriers want to write better risks, reduce underwriting frictional expense, and build consistency within their portfolios. RMS® Data for Underwriting is  a rapidly expanding suite of data delivered instantly at the point of underwriting.

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