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Risk Score

Fast-Read Catastrophe Insights

RMS Risk Scores concisely capture the science of modeling by expressing risk as a 1 to 10 score with clear definitions for each value to assist with underwriting. Based on industry-leading risk models that are grounded in today’s reality, RMS Risk Scores deliver scientific insight calibrated on billions of dollars of historical claims to capture tomorrow’s risk.



Enable Faster and Better Decision-making

RMS Risk Scores provide a simple and easy-to-use score between 1 and 10 that quickly enables users to instantly understand risk to a given peril. The scores can factor different building vulnerabilities to understand the expected response on a given hazard and enable quick decisions on whether to write, refer, or decline a risk.

Simplify Complexity

RMS Risk Scores distill complex model analytics that reflect modeled mean damage ratios into a 1-to-10 scale. This provides users with quick, easy, and informed  insight into a location’s damage potential allowing for better decision-making at the point of underwriting

Benefit from Stronger Predictability

Derived from our best-in-class catastrophe models, RMS Risk Scores provide an unparalleled tool to identify and act on locations that are within your risk appetite and likely to drive portfolio losses in a predictive way.  

Outperform Your Competition

Risk differentiation is a critical underwriting discipline. Given 10 locations in a single neighborhood that look the same on paper, some will score very differently using Risk Scores. Based on hazard, vulnerability, and precise site conditions, our Risk Scores provide deep insight into location-level catastrophe risk to drive better decision-making and avoid adverse selection.

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RMS Data for Underwriting

Carriers want to write better risks, reduce underwriting frictional expense, and build consistency within their portfolios. RMS® Data for Underwriting is  a rapidly expanding suite of data delivered instantly at the point of underwriting.

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