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Measure Risk, Build Resilience

Evaluate and understand the changing landscape of risk as populations are rapidly growing in some of the world’s riskiest areas and climate events are intensifying.

Understand Disaster Risk

Identify and quantify the natural catastrophe risk your community or organization is exposed to using leading science and world-class data.

Disaster Response and Recovery

Evaluate current and potential risk mitigation efforts using risk metrics to explain both the risk and the cost of inaction.


Enhance Disaster Preparedness

Optimize crisis management planning by assessing the vulnerability of your processes and supply chains to catastrophic events.

Risk Is Opportunity

The effects of catastrophes can be managed through the right risk-mitigation decisions, physical protections, and cutting-edge data and science. See how Moody's RMS advanced modeling techniques enable individuals, companies, and governments to quantify and reduce their risk with confidence.

Effect on ROI

Quantify the impact of potential investment decisions to understand ROI.

Crisis Management

Optimize your crisis management based on real-world likelihoods.

Investment Decisions

Assess potential future investment decisions (e.g., risk-mitigation measures such as flood defenses).

Independent View of Risk

Use our expertise to create your own independent view of risk that can be used as the basis for all risk-based decisions.

Expert Teams That Understand Risk

Leverage world-class experts in catastrophic risk with a deep understanding of risk management and disaster preparedness analytics.

Assess Risk and Strategy

Moody's RMS consultants help analyze your current risk position, identify opportunities and threats, and uncover ways models can enhance your organization’s risk management.

Event Response Services

Predict the potential impact of active catastrophic events on your business with high-fidelity event response data delivered in real time.

Manage Your Business

Expand your analytics capabilities with Moody's RMS-managed and on-demand analytical services offered by a worldwide team of 400 specialists with deep domain knowledge and rapid responsiveness.

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