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Assess Location Risk in Seconds

Reduce underwriting overhead and make more informed decisions faster than ever.
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Insights You Can Trust

SiteIQ™ provides underwriters with the insights that they need to write cat-exposed property risk with confidence.

Leverage World’s Leading Cat Science

Built using Moody's RMS catastrophe model data which are trusted by more than 400 financial institutions, corporations, and government agencies to manage their risk.

Supported by Key Third-Party Insights

Assess the risk to multiple perils for any location in the world with simple color-coded maps and added insights.

Customized for Your Unique Risk Appetite

Optimize referral rules and risk score thresholds for each peril to perfectly match your risk strategy and portfolio requirements.


Reduce Your Reliance On Other Teams

  • Enter any location’s address for instant hazard scores
  • View high-resolution hazard maps within seconds
  • Assess single risks in context to your current portfolio
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Drive Deeper Location Insights

  • Leverage full HD model science and localized hazard variations
  • Visualize high-risk areas and isolate key exposures
  • Quickly rank your data against one or multiple hazards

Simplify Risk Scoring

  • Customize hazard scores on a standard 1 to 10 scale
  • Set three key return periods for each peril
  • View all natural and man-made risks in one location
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Use Cases for Every Risk Appetite

SiteIQ™ helps underwriters optimize their workflow at every stage to move business along more efficiently.

Risk Screening

Quickly understand whether a location meets your risk appetite. Whether it is exposed to multiple perils or in an area of low hazard, you can assess a location in seconds so you can make a decision now or conduct deeper analysis later.

Outlier Identification

Import a spreadsheet of locations and get the insights you need quickly. View scores of several locations, and use the system to filter on those that concern you most to focus your attention on the highest-impact risks.

Customized Guidelines

Set referral rules and risk card scores to match your underwriting guidelines and ensure locations fall within the rules you have set accomplished in seconds, without having to find out whether a rule has been breached until it’s too late.


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Access Trusted Location Insights in Seconds

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