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Impact of Complex Workflows on Real-Time Event R...
Luke Norman
Luke Norman May 31, 2022

When a potential catastrophic event threatens, exposure managers are on the front line to keep the business informed about potential losses…

Exposure Management: Managing the Complexity of ...
Luke Norman
Luke Norman May 31, 2022

When a catastrophic event such as a hurricane or an earthquake strikes, an insurance business relies on the exposure management team to answer…

ExposureIQ Makes Understanding Loss Exposures Ac...
Luke Norman
Luke Norman October 28, 2021

What if you had a tool that could give you a more complete view of how losses flow through your entire organization – across both insurance…

EXPOSURE Magazine Snapshots: A New Way of Learning
EXPOSURE magazine April 07, 2017

This is a taster of an article published by RMS in the second edition of EXPOSURE magazine.  Click here and download your full copy now. In…

Fire Weather
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood September 02, 2016

Fires can start at all times and places, but how a fire spreads is principally down to the weather. This week, 350 years ago, the fire at…


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